Backway to Victory

By Kristina Stykos


Backway to Victory: Credits

Steve Mayone: electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, percussion

Kristina Stykos: lead vocal, acoustic guitar, piano, harmony vocal

Jeff Berlin: drums and percussion


*Victory, Vermont is a four corners town in the Northeast Kingdom - population 97




Backway to Victory: Lyrics

it’s a cold and wintry day my love have we lost our way

sun’s up but it’s coming down there’s darkness on my mind

where the road and the tangled rivers rise no shelter baby now

maybe it’s a fatal flaw thinking we can see at all

beyond this valley, beyond the sky


why, why do we cry, why do we care, oh baby why

the sugar moon’s up, I reckon, we could sure use the light

on the back way to Victory tonight


it’s a wild land and we’ve run aground on the shores of paradise

night glows with heaven’s fire and a thousand questions

thrown down by a sliver of moon and the wind swept four directions

but don’t lay down baby let’s go we’ve got to trust what we already know

And find a path through our creation


the geese go swiftly wing to cloud how simple then to fly

and never have a need to feel a lover’s warmth or comfort

or walk alone in the fields reaching out from a broken life

but we’ll divine us a northern branch by god while there’s still a chance

we’ll make our run toward salvation