Beautiful Blood

By Steve Mayone


Beautiful Blood: Credits

Steve Mayone: lead vocal, acoustic guitar, resonator guitar

Kristina  Stykos: banjo, mandolin

Patrick Ross: fiddle

Jimmy Ryan: mandolin solo




Beautiful Blood: Lyrics                           

Standing sentry on the hill           

was our grandfather Will  

armed with powder fresh to kill   

and no fear in his eyes                               


He rushed the southern flank

led the troops and broke the rank

forced them back to the bank

of the riverside


Medals pinned to his lapel

one for heaven, two for hell

a tear for every man that fell

face down in the mud


He would sit us on his knee

and tell his stories of bravery

but in his minds eye all he could see

was so much beautiful blood


Laying sentry on the hill

the lonely bones of Will

a flower pot for us to fill

and our beautiful blood