Come Around

By Steve Mayone & Kristina Stykos


Come Around: Credits

Steve Mayone: lead vocal, acoustic guitar, mandolin, resonator guitar

Kristina Stykos: acoustic guitar, harmony vocal

Patrick Ross: fiddle

Scott Paulson: upright bass




Come Around: Lyrics

Come down my love, reach though the night                

Look out your window and follow the light

Put down your work - it’s the end of the week  

Come down to Tunbridge and celebrate with me                                             


Come around, come around, come around to my sky                                   

Everyone is dancing except you and I

Come around, come around, I’m ready to fly

Come down off the mountain tonight                                                           


Dress me in rain, as pure as the sky

Moonbeams of silver and diamond fireflies

Spin me around with your lips to my ear

Come down from Chelsea all your friends are here


Come around, come around, come around to my side

Everyone is waltzing under soft moonlight

Come around, come around, let’s give it a try

Come down off the mountain tonight                 


Show me your moves and all of your turns

Show me your fire and how you’ve been burned

Bring me your joy and all of your blues

Drive down the valley, I’m waiting for you


Come around, come around, to the fairgrounds lights

Follow the music to the cars parked outside

Come around, come around I’ve got a surprise

Kiss me by the willow tonight                                                                

Come down off the mountain tonight