Jealous Girl

By Steve Mayone


Jealous Girl: Credits

Steve Mayone: acoustic and electric guitars, lap steel, harmony vocal

Kristina Stykos: lead vocal, acoustic guitar

Jeff Berlin: drums and percussion




Jealous Girl: Lyrics

I’m a jealous girl with a fearful heart

Who’s that you’re talking to

Oh your tender love tears me apart

Why do these women follow you


You have so many friends caught in your sway

I’m afraid that one will take you away

I’m pretty pitiful and I can’t relax

Do you want to dance


I get paranoid and insecure

Who’s that on the telephone

I can hear you laugh from the other room

Why can’t I leave you alone


Because every now and then

An ex from Vermont knew you when you were a debutante

I wish I didn’t care cause I’m caught in your trance

Do you want to dance


Who’s that on your cell phone you seem so at ease

Like she knows how to make you weak in the knees

You put a spell on me and I don’t stand a chance

I’ll surely ruin this romance


Do you want to dance

Do you want to dance