Mess of Love

By Steve Mayone & Kristina Stykos


Mess of Love: Credits

Steve Mayone: lead vocal, acoustic and electric guitars, wurli, percussion

Kristina Stykos: harmony vocal

Jeff Berlin: drums and percussion




Mess of Love: Lyrics

It doesn’t really matter what you think of me

It doesn’t really matter now we’re through

I’ve got nothing to be sorry for

But then again -  I trusted you


I’ve got no reason - no inclination

To continue this charade

We were ecstatic and now it’s painful

To take a look at what we made


We made a mess of love

We made a mess of love


It doesn’t really matter that you lied to me

It’s not a crime to be a fool

Maybe I was just a little naïve

Maybe you were a little cruel


I only wish I’d stopped to notice

That you despise what you desire

Your twisted justice and delusions

And the awful vows that you require


We made a mess of love

When push came to shove

Cursed by the stars above

We made a mess of love, yes we did