Rescue Me

By Steve Mayone


Rescue Me: Credits 

Steve Mayone: lead vocal, acoustic guitar, resonator guitar, banjo 

Kristina Stykos: electric guitar, bass, mandolin, harmony vocal

Jeff Berlin: drums and percussion

Patrick Ross: fiddle


Rescue Me: Lyrics

oh I don’t expect you to always read my mind

please don’t feel abandoned when I leave this world behind

there are certain places that you’re not allowed

oh baby I still love you when I am hiding out


i know your good intentions its only ‘cause you care

when you are looking for me and can’t find me anywhere

the world has worn me out you know its not your fault

‘cause I don’t expect you to know my every thought


I’m drifting down the pavement I’m lost inside a crowd

my head is in the mountains beneath the silent clouds

I’ve left no trail behind me but I can see your lights

oh baby I don’t want you to rescue me tonight


to rescue me tonight

to rescue me tonight