South of the Chelsea Line

By Steve Mayone & Kristina Stykos


South of the Chelsea Line: Credits 

Steve Mayone: lead vocal, tenor ukulele, acoustic and electric guitars

Kristina Stykos: acoustic guitar, bass, mandola, keyboard (piano), harmony vocal

Jeff Berlin: drums and percussion

Patrick Ross: fiddle



South of the Chelsea Line: Lyrics

if you’re riding the road tonight             

south of the Chelsea line                           

chances are the moon is bright                


windows down and the air’s rushing in

south of the Chelsea rim

silver rain soaking your skin


how did we make this         

what drives this love so strong

I have been waiting

yes I have been waiting so long


if you’re staying with friends tonight

south of the Chelsea line

i just hope that they treat you right


’cause every window and every floor

south of my Chelsea door

is a place where I’ll come to shore


if you’re coming up north tonight

from south of the Chelsea line

every fire will be shining bright


where will we take this

i can’t believe its wrong

to reach beyond our dreams

far beyond