Stealing Away

By Steve Mayone & Kristina Stykos


Stealing Away: Credits

Steve Mayone: lead vocal, acoustic and electric guitars

Kristina Styos: mandola, bass, harmony vocal

Jeff Berlin: drums and percussion




Stealing Away: Lyrics

I’m stealing away ‘cause the river is high

Gone get me a boat and sail to the sky

Gonna get me a rigger and fly to the sun

Gonna leave all my worries and have me some fun


I’m stealing away under threatening skies

The water is falling right into my eyes

Gonna get me a compass and a barrel of wine

Gonna laugh at the rain and have a good time


I’m stealing away ‘cause the sky’s about to fall             

Roving gangs of kids are ready to brawl

Strange things are happening in my neighborhood

Gonna steal away while the stealing is good


I’m stealing away ‘cause the earth’s about to crack                 

The banks of the river can’t hold the water back

The mud is rising to the tops of my wheels

I’m stealing away with the devil at my heels


Well I’m stealing away to a place in the sun                              

Gonna rest my head on a pillow of mud

I aint hurtin’ nobody, nobody’s doing me harm

I’m stealing away into my saviors arms

I’m stealing away into my saviors arms


I’m stealing away on the rising tide                                             E

Gonna get me some wings and let my spirit fly

Gonna find me a home to rest my weary bones

I’m stealing away, you’re gonna miss me when I’m gone

I’m stealing away, aint nobody doin’ me harm

I’m stealing away into my saviors arms